Principal’s Message

“Start doing what is necessary, then do what is possible, and suddenly you are doing impossible.”
Our mission is to empower each and every child of The Don Bosco Sr. Sec. School to significantly increase his/her performance and capability in order to achieve world while purpose of life. We place high priority nurturing our students on self discipline as we strongly believe that “freedom can only be enjoyed if it is earned on solid foundations of discipline.” Along with importing knowledge & career development, education must empower us to analyses and judge any situation properly for differentiating the genuine data from deception. This can be achieves with intensive critical thinking, imbibed via education. Thus, our Don Bosco School education system ensures to inculcate moral principles together with brain power for nurturing young children into socially-responsible brilliant situations.
May Don Bosco family prosper with the blessings of almighty.

Mrs. Vinita Srivastava